Thursday, February 19, 2015

My New Book of Shadows

   The other day I purchased a simple black notebook from the dollar store to use as my official Book of Shadows.

   It measures 5x7" and has 80 lined sheets of paper. The cover texture is like reptile skin, which I thought would be fitting for a Book of Shadows. The notebooks came in two other colors, tan and red; it was hard to choose since they were all nice. I settled with the black however, because it goes with the color scheme of my Sacred Space, which is black and silver at the moment.
   If you remember from this post, I had bought myself a smaller notebook to temporarily use as my Book of Shadows until I found something more suitable. I carry that old one everywhere in my purse now!

   I have also been working on digital Book of Shadows pages in my free time. Here are two pages that I made:
Chant of Confidence

Chant of Guidance
   I'll post more in the future!

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